Tri-axle DumpLoada budowlane

The Stronga DL 1200 is a modern high capacity dumper offering high output when coupled with modern high speed tractors.

Stronga manufacture a comprehensive range of specialist dump trailers from 10 to 25 tonnes capacity



Our long life structures are designed for the professional contractor needing year round performance

Stronga half pipe Hardox bodied dumpers offer great features and high performance as standard

The dump trailer chassis is balanced to provide perfect weight distribution between drawbar and axles for optimum performance

High powered tipping cylinders quickly elevate the Hardox body to a class leading sixty five degrees

Even the smallest of the dump trailers in the range still packs a punch

The innovative hydraulic flip door has many advantages over a traditional door arrangements

The dumper chassis is designed to accept wide flotation tyres allowing operators to transport maximum payload off road