The innovative design of provides a robust and durable low loader for agricultural or commercial use and the low platform height gives operators an easy loading angle

Choose from various low loader models in the range for the right bed length and carrying capacity for your machinery

Carefully positioned anti slip bars combined with the low ramp angle ensures easy and safe loading

Stronga Low Loaders are designed to suit individual customer’s requirements and trailers can be tailored with great option like well decks with outriggers for transporting over height equipment including combine harvesters and forestry equipment

Full width hydraulic ramps also available on request on Stronga low loader trailers

Stronga have vast experience in manufacturing specialist agricultural and commercial trailers with a low bed height for stable ride on and off road

Pine and hardwood floors available with stowage areas and bags of lashing points

Securing points across the trailer are conveniently positioned allowing any load to be safely lashed down

Strength and versatility as standard on all Stronga trailers

Choose Stronga as your equipment transport trailer partner