A pair of BL 600 Bulk cargo trailers shown here with and without extension sides, note the large viewing window, giving the tractor operator a clear view of the crop inside the trailer. BulkLoada tipping trailers are available in any colour

The 51 degree tipping angle can be seen on this BL 600 tipping trailer, which with extension sides fitted to give a capacity of 29 m3

The BL650 grain trailer shown here on grain cart with 32.5 m3 at its disposal thus minimising the number of trips to store.

The BL 800 cargo trailer fitted with front and rear steering axles to improve the turning circle and reduce tyre wear With the pressed metal extension sides fitted it is possible to load nearly 40 cubic metres in this capable bulk cargo trailer

Roll sheets can be fitted on any of the BulkLoada tipping trailers in the range and there are various standard colours available. The curved lightweight frame is easily removable out of the harvest season

The powerful vertical telescopic cylinder packs 38 tonnes of first stage punch and quickly powers the body up to 51 degrees tipping angle. This combined with the tapered, curved body shape reduces the risk of material sticking inside the body.

The chassis on the BL800 cargo trailer is designed to give a good angle of steering even for modern wide radial tyres as can be viewed in this photo .

The window in the front extension gives the driver a clear view and avoids potential costly spillage of the crop while the front ladder and generous sized platform makes crop sampling easy and safe. Examples of the operator focussed attention to detail from the Stronga design team.

A wide angle hydraulic rear door on this BL600 tipping trailer opens high above the body to ensure even heaped bulky materials get a clear exit.


BulkLoada Grain Chute

The generous sized grain chute fitted in the rear door can be locked in any position.

This hydraulically driven drill filler is a great option that allows customers to extend the working season of BulkLoada tipping trailers It can be used for handle bulk seed for speedy drill filling, fertilizer or for distributing cereal feeds to livestock